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View instruction sheets for the various systems offered by Compucar.  Looking for wiring diagrams?  Click Here.

Bottle Heaters Installation Kit Part # 342237A PDF Print E-mail

It is required to have a bottle pressure gauge (Part # 342235 for #4 line or Part # 342236 for #6 line) when using any form of bottle heater.

Fuel Injected Motorcycle Instructions (Dry Kit) PDF Print E-mail
The fuel injected motorcycle kit you have just purchased is designed as a "dry" system meaning it only injects gaseous nitrous into the engine. In conjunction with the computer system on the bike, which will correct the air fuel mixture, will give you increased horsepower.
Motorcycle Instructions PDF Print E-mail
**IMPORTANT** To ensure proper system assembly and operation, carefully read the following installation thoroughly before beginning.

Use only a liquid type pipe sealant on pipe threads. DO NOT USE TEFLON TAPE. Pipe sealant should only be used on pipe threads. The braided steel hoses do not need sealant on them.

Blaster Nozzle PDF Print E-mail

Compucar's Blaster Nozzle is a new development in dual inlet nozzles. Separate channels pass thru the blaster nozzle body, one for nitrous oxide, and the other for fuel enrichment. When the system is activated, the fuel and nitrous oxide mix as they exit the blaster nozzle body's tip. Mixture atomization with the Blaster nozzle body have increased the power potential significantly.

GM TPI PDF Print E-mail

GM TPI  This is the instruction for the GM TPI Plate systems.

Nitrous is especially  compatible with the TPI Engine. The stock fuel pumps used on most carburated engines at times do not deliver enough fuel pressure or volume to keep up with some nitrous systems. 

General Motors Fuel Injection Instruction Sheets PDF Print E-mail

This is the instruction sheet for the GM, Buick, Pontiac, Vortec, Jeep, Cadillac and Corvette vehicles.

Carburetor Instruction Sheets PDF Print E-mail

This is a complete instruction sheet for the Carburetor kits.

EFI Instruction Sheets PDF Print E-mail
This is the complete instruction sheet for the 5.0 and 4.6 Mustang kits.
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