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How does nitrous work?


First nitrous oxide is made up of 2 parts nitrogen and 1 part oxygen. during combustion in the cylinder, the nitrogen molecules are fractured into its two components.  The oxygen released aids in the efficient burning of the fuel in the combustion chamber and the nitrogen aids in damping the increased  cylinder pressure.  Another important effect nitrous has on the combustion process is cooling. Since nitrous is -128 degrees F., it lowers the air temperature coming into the intake and allows for better atomization of the air/fuel mixture, therefore, creating more horsepower.


Will nitrous burn up my motor?


If the correct nitrous system for the application is used, you should never have a problem.  The use of the correct jetting as supplied in the kit and an adequate fuel delivery system will greatly reduce the effects of premature engine failure. NEVER ATTEMPT TO ADD MORE HORSEPOWER THAN IS RECOMMENDED BY THE MANUFACTURE FOR YOUR APPLICATION.


Will nitrous work on a stock engine?


Yes, the addition of nitrous oxide on a stock motor is the most economical power adder you can buy.  Always choose the correct kit for your application and follow the manufacture's instructions. Most 4 cylinders are capable of horsepower increases from 50 to 75 horsepower, 6 cylinders work good on 75 to 90 horsepower and 8 cylinder engines from 125 to 225 horsepower without any major modifications.


What sort of decrease in ET should I expect?


Normal ET gains are in the 1 to 3 second range in the quarter mile. Some variations that must be taken into account are engine transmission, rear gear, tire size, weight, traction, and overall tune up of the engine.


How many passes should I expect out of a 10lb bottle?


The number of passes from a 10lb bottle is directly related to the jetting used in the kit. The smaller the jetting the more passes you can get and the larger the jetting the less passes you will get.  The best way to determine how many passes you will get is to weigh the bottle before a pass and then weigh it again after the pass.  After you determine how many pounds you used on a pass, divide that into 10 and subtract 3. This should give you the most accurate number of passes.


Do I need a bottle pressure gauge?


Yes, before you can successfully tune a nitrous system, you must have 1000lbs of bottle pressure each time you make a pass. Remember, your fuel pressure is going to be the same pass after pass. If you use less bottle pressure than is recommended the engine will run rich and less power will be achieved.


When should I activate my nitrous system?


Right off the starting line, (traction permitting) will give you the best ET due to the amount of torque produced.  You should be at or above 2500 RPM and at wide-open throttle to eliminate the chances of a backfire.


Can I use an after market computer chip with my nitrous system?


The use of after market computer chips is not recommended for use with nitrous unless it is specified for use with nitrous. Most computer chips change the timing curve and can increase the chances of detonation.


Should I use medical grade nitrous or nitrous with sulfur added?


There is no difference from medical grade to NY-trous Plus. However, we strongly recommend the sale of and use of ONLY NY-trous Plus to help eliminate substance abuse.


What is the main difference between Compucar and other nitrous companies?


We at COMPUCAR are committed to quality and performance and that is why we are the only nitrous company to offer a LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY on our equipment.  If any part or component of our system fails to work we will repair or replace the defective component, at our option, at no charge. However, the customer must pay shipping and handling charges to and from .


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