Bottle Heaters Installation Kit Part # 342237A PDF Print E-mail

It is required to have a bottle pressure gauge (Part # 342235 for #4 line or Part # 342236 for #6 line) when using any form of bottle heater.

******SPECIAL NOTE*******Always monitor bottle pressure. Do not heat in excess of 1000 PSI!!!

The installation kit contains the following:

1-toggle switch
6-push on spade connectors
1-fuse tap
2-butt connectors
8-feet of wire

1. Mount the bottle heater on bottle and ground one of the white wires. Take the other wire and install one of the spade connectors to it. Attach this wire to the terminal on the relay marked 30/51.

2. Using a piece of wire, install another spade connector to one end and attach it to terminal 85 on the relay. The other end of this wire will go to a good body ground.

3. Locate in your fuse box a 25 or 30 amp fuse that is hot only when the ignition is in the on position.

4. Remove the fuse and install the supplied fuse tap onto the fuse and plug it back in. This will be your main power supply later.

5. Locate and mount the toggle switch in an easy to reach area preferable near the bottle heater. Run a length of wire from one terminal of the toggle switch to the relay terminal marked 86.

6. Run a length of wire from terminal 87 on the relay to the fuse tap previously installed. To simplify the wiring, make a jumper from terminal 87 to the remaining terminal on the toggle switch. (Refer to wiring diagram).

7. Secure all loose wires and check all connections. Loose connections can lead to poor performance of your bottle heater.

8. Turn the toggle switch on and feel the bottle heater to make sure it is warming up.