Fuel Injected Motorcycle Instructions (Dry Kit) PDF Print E-mail
The fuel injected motorcycle kit you have just purchased is designed as a "dry" system meaning it only injects gaseous nitrous into the engine. In conjunction with the computer system on the bike, which will correct the air fuel mixture, will give you increased horsepower.

Installation is as follows:

Disconnect the battery before performing any installations.

Locate the FAN NOZZLE with the #78 jet installed.

Drill a 21/64" hole in your air cleaner air box between the air cleaner and the throttle body(ies) and tap with a 1/8" pipe tap. Remember to perform this in a location that will allow for the braided steel line to be attached to the nozzle without interfering with any other component of the bike.

Locate the 16" X #3 line and attach it to the nozzle. Position the line in an area where the solenoid and bracket can be easily mounted.

Locate the nitrous solenoid, 1/8" X #4 fitting and 1/8" compression body. Install the #4 fitting on the "IN" side of the nitrous solenoid using pipe sealant. (DO NOT USE TEFLON TAPE). Install the 1/8" compression body in the "OUT" side of the nitrous solenoid. Mount the nitrous solenoid with the supplied bracket and screws to the bike.

Locate the 4' X #4 braided line and attach it to the #4 fitting on the nitrous solenoid. This line will run to the location you have chosen to mount the bottle.

The nitrous bottle MUST be mounted with the "OUTLET" of the valve pointing toward the ground.

Attach the #4 line to the bottle.

Select a jet from the selection of jets included with the kit, preferably the smallest to begin with and insert it into the fitting on the outlet side of the nitrous solenoid. Attach the 16" X #3 line to this fitting and tighten. DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN ANY OF THE BRAIDED LINES! SCREW THE FITTING ON HAND TIGHT AND THEN TIGHTEN WITH A WRENCH 1/4 TURN MORE.

To wire the system, take one of the black wires from the solenoid and attach it to a good chassis ground. The other wire will go to one side of the push button. The other wire on the push button will go to 12 volts positive.

The bike is now ready for the first test. Fill the bottle and install  the brackets on the bike. Attach the line to the bottle and disconnect the other end from the solenoid. Open the bottle slowly and blow any trash out of the line that may have gotten into it. Reattach the line to the solenoid. Now you are ready to make a couple of short passes. When you feel comfortable with the increased horsepower will be ready to make full passes and increase your jet sizes to produce even more horsepower.