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**IMPORTANT** To ensure proper system assembly and operation, carefully read the following installation thoroughly before beginning.

Use only a liquid type pipe sealant on pipe threads. DO NOT USE TEFLON TAPE. Pipe sealant should only be used on pipe threads. The braided steel hoses do not need sealant on them.

Fuel System

There are two possible methods for supplying fuel to the electric fuel pump needed for your Nitrous system.

Method 1-

-In most cases adequate fuel will be supplied by "tying" into the existing fuel line between the tame and the carburetor's).

-Cut the existing fuel line at a convenient location and slip a hose clamp over each cut end.-Insert the "T" fitting into the line just cut and secure with the clamps.

-Mount the systems electric fuel pump in a safe location.

-Install a length of fuel line between the fuel pump inlet port and the remaining outlet on the T-fitting.

Method 2-

-For installations requiring maximum fuel supply, the preferred method requires the addition of a petcock to be mounted in the fuel tank to feed fuel directly to the fuel pump. We recommend this be done by a qualified welder.

Installing the nitrous bottle

-Locate the bottle in a suitable location, usually on the rear swing arm or under the seat if space permits. Using the bottle brackets supplied with the kit, bolt the bottle to the frame with the bottle valve pointing "UP" and towards the front of the bike.

Blaster Nozzle installation

-Install the blaster nozzle(s) in each port by using an 11/32" drill bit and 1/8"pipe tap.  If installing nozzles into rubber carb boots, drill a 5/16" hole into the rubber and screw the nozzles into place. The nozzles will make there own threads.-Choose the jet you wish to start with and install the jets in the blaster nozzles. Be sure you install the nitrous jet in the nitrous port and the gas jet in the gas port.

Solenoid installation

-Mount one of the distribution block to the "outlet" side of the nitrous solenoid (solenoid marked with a "N" on the bottom) and the other distribution block to the "outlet" of the gas solenoid (solenoid marked with a "G" on the bottom). Single cylinder kits will have the lines coming from the solenoids going directly to the blaster nozzles.

-Starting with nitrous solenoid/distribution block assembly, attach one end of the supplied braided steel line to the fittings on the distribution block and the other end to the nitrous jets. Repeat for gas side.

-Route the supply line from the nitrous bottle to the nitrous solenoid installing the nitrous filter in between the two 2' x #4 lines.

-Route the gas line from the fuel pump to the gas solenoid. Be sure to install a gas filter in line.

Wiring the Nitrous system

-Disconnect the battery before starting any wiring.

-Find a suitable location to mount the toggle switch.

-Run a length of wire from the battery to one terminal on the toggle switch.-Run a length of wire to one wire on the push button switch.  The push button should be mounted next to throttle grip so it can be operated under wide open throttle with thumb.

-Run a length of wire from the remaining wire on the pushbutton to one wire from each of the solenoids.

-The remaining two wires (one from each solenoid) connects to a good ground either at the battery or on the frame.

-Now wire the fuel pump by attaching the ground wire (marked "-") to the frame. Run the positive wire to the toggle switch and connect it the same side as the solenoids are attached to.

-When the toggle switch is "armed" the fuel pump should come on and by activating the push button the solenoids should click. DO THIS WITH THE BOTTLE OFF!!!!!