NITROUS FILTERS, PUMPS, AND REFILL STATIONS. Compucar offers three styles of transfer fill stations. Plus, filters are standard in all Compucar kits

FILTERS. Standard in all Compucar kits, the lifetime nitrous filter traps contaminants that may get into your bottle when being filled from fill stations with no inline filter system.

220500 #4 filter with 1' #4 braided steel hose
220501 New design inline filter 4AN x 4 AN
220502 New design inline filter 6 AN x 6AN
220503 # 6 filter with 1' braided steel line


Compucar offers three styles of transfer fill stations. The first style is a simple transfer line with filter designed primarily for filling small 2 1/2 lb bottles to larger 10 or 20 lb bottles. It can also be used to fill 10 and 20 lb bottles from a 56 or 75 cylinder.

The second style transfer line incorporates a 1/4 turn valve, used primarily by speed shops and track side service vehicles without the convenience of an air compressor. Bottles must be put in a freezer or set in a tub of ice before filling.

Compucar's third style of transfill line is the cryogenic dumping station. The safe, easy to use pumping station takes only a few minutes to fill a totally empty nitrous bottle. There is no need to empty or freeze the bottle in order to fill. Simply hook up the empty bottle to the pumping station and turn on the pump. This pumping station requires only shop compressed air to operate.

210700 Transfer fill line with fitting
210701 Transfill with filter and 1/4 valve
210702 Cryogenic transfer pump kit
210704 Cryogenic pump ONLY
210705 Digital bottle scale