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Import Kits
Compucar offers a full line of Import EFI Nitrous Systems...

Our Import kits contain the same high quality parts and components and ease of installation as do all of our kits. These systems are "wet" systems using our Blaster nozzle to inject both nitrous and fuel.

The 4 cylinder systems come with 50 HP jetting, whereas, our 6 cylinder kits come with 50 and 75HP jets. Additional jetting for higher horsepower levels can be purchased to meet your varying needs. Compucar limits the jetting supplied in these kits to be safe for use on stock import applications.

Mopar and Mitsubishi Fuel Injection Kits


800160 Mopar 2.3 Turbo Fuel Injected

800161 Dakota pickup 50, 75, and 100HP

800162 318 Dakota Magnum

800170 Mopar 2.2 Fuel Injected

800180 Mitsubishi 2.6 Turbo Fuel Injected

800190 Mitsubishi 2.6 Fuel Injected

800191 Eagle Talon 50 and 75 HP

800193 Viper Twin Turbo

Import Fuel Injection

890010 Ferrari 308/328

890050 Datsun 280ZX Fuel Injected

890060 Datsun 300ZX Fuel Injected

890070 Datsun 300ZX Turbo Fuel Injected

890071 Datsun/Nissan/Toyota Carbureted

890080 Honda CRX Fuel Injected

890100 BMW 318i Fuel Injected

890111 Toyota FI

890200 Porsche 928 Fuel Injected

890210 Porsche 944 Fuel Injected

890220 Porsche 944 Turbo

890230 Porsche 930 Turbo

890250 VW Liquid cooled Fuel Injection

890251 Diesel Tractor

If you don't see your car listed, please call our tech line for more support 803-442-9206 Monday-Friday 9am-6pm EST.