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Super Charger Kits
Increase your performance on your 6.71, 8.71, 10.71, 12.71, or  14.71 with one of these kits gas or alcohol.

A Compucar Nitrous System for supercharged cars not only increases performance, it enhances the exotic appearance of the engine. Another benefit is that the super cooling effect of nitrous reduces the possibility of detonation and allows higher maximum boast pressures to be used safely.

Nitrous allows power output to be achieved with lower drive ratios. Nitrous vaporizes at -128 degrees F., and as it dissipates inside the blower and intake manifold, it cools the intake charge making it more dense for higher power output. Compucar supercharger nitrous systems incorporate an injector plate that is easily installed on top of the supercharger housing. Compucar nitrous systems are available for all types of superchargers. Contact us for more details and specifications.

Part #s

790671 6-71/8-71 Supercharger Nitrous

790871 14-71 Supercharger NitrousRecommend Additions

342235 Bottle Pressure Gauge

258000 Vapor Purge Kit

342237 12V bottle heater

372218 Throttle Pull Switch

342525 Fuel Flo Tool

344000 465 GPH Fuel Pump

342514 Fuel Safety Switch

342230 Fuel pressure gauge

342210 High Flow regulator