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Pro Plenum
One of our custom installations kit for your intake manifold....

Compucar's Pro Plenum systems are especially appropriate for tunnel ram manifolds.  Spray bars are installed in-house through the center of the plenum with the spray pattern directed in line with each cylinder runner. 

With the precision spray bars mounted directly in the manifold plenum, there are no nozzle protrusions to interfere and the system does not affect with valve cover removal.  This system is available in both single and dual stage configuration.  Pro Plenum systems are recommended for engines built for use with a race type nitrous system using special forged pistons, aluminum connecting rods and a dedicated fuel system utilizing a 400 plus GPH fuel pump.  Single stage systems come with jetting for 150, 175, 250, 325, 375, and 500HP. Dual stage systems come with the same jetting for each stage.

The above kits are supplied with an empty 10lb aluminum bottle with high flow bottle valve, quick release stainless steel bottle brackets, precision drilled spray bars installed in your intake manifold, 17 foot of braided stainless steel supply line, lifetime nitrous filter, and Compucar's EXCLUSIVE Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Part #s

710000        Pro Plenum Single Stage                (gas)

710001        Pro Plenum Single Stage                (alky)

715000        Pro Plenum Dual Stage                   (gas)

715001        Pro Plenum Dual Stage                   (alky)

720500        2 stage Pro Blaster/Pro Plenum     (gas)

720501        2 stage Pro Blaster/Pro Plenum      (alky)