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EFI Mustang Kit

This kit is designed as a basic starter kit for the 5.0 Mustang which can be upgraded to Dual Stage at a later date.

Part # 810000 5.0 Mustang EFI

With a multitude of different kits available, the most popular are the 810000 (basic starter kit with 50, 90, 125, and 150 HP jets), the 810500 (dual stage system with 50, 90, and 125 HP jetting per stage yielding a total of 250 HP) and the 810502 (dual stage upgrade with requires the 810000 basic kit). The dual stage kit and upgrade kit require larger fuel pumps.Performance tests have shown up to a 2 second reduction in elapsed time on a stock 5.0 Mustang using just 125 HP jets on the single stage 810000 system.Part # 810010 4.6 Mustang is available with jetting from 50, 90, and 125 only. Please note this kit is not upgradeable due to the engine specifications.

Key Benefits

  • This kit can be upgraded to a dual stage system.

  • 17' of braided steel hose is included in the kit.

  • Lifetime warranty and qualified tech help when you need it most.

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